• Jenn Koonce

    Our parents had a blast at Dance 1st Fairfax. The staff was phenomenal. Way to knock it out of the park. I appreciate the attention to detail and attentiveness to all aspects. Truly a wonderful company that I hope continues to expand and grow.

  • Misty Nanna

    We had a great experience. The venue was stunning. Check in was fast and easy and the staff was very friendly. Everyone throughout the day was so friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. The stage was beautiful and the judges comments were top notch. My dancers said it was their favorite competition and want to do more Stage 8 Dance Brands events in the future.

  • Dana Parsons

    Stage 8 Dance Nationals had a great venue. Bids are not requred to attend, but they do offer several bid awards at their events to attend Nationals. They have amazing awards, including specialty awards and lots of extra's. We are excited to attend Stage 8 Dance Nationals this year.

  • Christy Walls

    We loved The Dance Connection event this past weekend in Lexington, KY.  You guys did an amazing job. Your staff was so friendly and event the guys in the merchandise booth were pumping up my girls before they went back fro warm up. I am so glad we decided to attend.

  • Deanna Schicker

    Our experience with Stage 8 exceeded our expectations after having attended Stage 8 Milwaukee last season. Our coaches loved the organization of the registration, check in and the day running on time! Our families loved the attention to detail and an event that was completely well thought out with our dancers in mind! Our athletes loved the stage, the backdrop and all the fun little extras! We are so excited to add more Stage 8 events including Nationals!

  • Pam Reich

    "What a wonderful experience it was for all of us at Dancin' Bluebonnets to attend our first Stage 8 contest in our local area. Everyone raved about how much they loved everything about it...the beautiful stage set, the incredibly sweet and helpful staff, the organizational aspect, the puntuality, the energy it brought, and the awards! Being the first year of Stage 8 we had no idea what to expect, but it surpasssed all of our expecations! It is a top-rated, and fun contest that we will definitely be attending in the future! Thank you, Cheryl and staff for a class act!!"

  • Lauren Martin

    Dance Dynamics attended two Stage 8 events in its inaugural season.  Cheryl and her staff impressed every step of the way leading up to the events with their innovative competition concepts, organization, and customer service.  When we arrived, we were blown away with the presentation of the event, from being in state of the art venues to the glamorous set up.  What I love most about attending Stage 8 events is that it's created with DANCERS in mind.  Every detail is meticulously thought out to make dancers the top priority and give them an incredible experience.  If season 1 started out this strong, I can’t wait to be a part of season 2!

  • Dana Parsons

    Stage 8 exceeded our expectations in every way! From the moment we registered, until the end of the event, it was 5 star treatment all the way! Our regional event was a full production event and nationals is that and so much more! The events are efficient, organized, professional, and so creative and fun for all of the athletes, coaches, parents and fans! The events offer so much more than just competition, and that is truly what makes it stand out and so unique! I STRONGLY recommend Stage 8 competitions, they will NOT disappoint! We can't wait to be back each season! Thank you Stage 8 for hosting such a high quality event!

  • Dani Eustice

    I am so excited for the inaugural year of The Dance Connection events! The dance team industry has been in need of an outlet to not only allow dance programs to compete with a well run event, but to also truly focus on educating dancers in the best way by the best in the industry. I am honored and excited to play my part in helping drive our industry forward with innovative training and mentoring young athletes. 


  • Liz Rifino

    Having had the great fortune to work directly with Janna Thomas for many years in the industry internationally, I am thrilled to see her be able to share her vision and expertise with so many here in the US.   Janna’s knowledge, experience, professionalism, passion, attention to detail and work ethic make her an amazing event producer and employer.

    More importantly, Janna is also an amazing dancer and teacher greatly admired and respected by her colleagues and students worldwide, and she will bring her passion for dance and excellence to the Dance Connection.

  • Jody Shepard

    We are so excited about this. We have desperately needed a convention in the Dance Team realm for so long. Studio conventions are amazing but a whole different world. We can’t wait!!

  • Tiffany Messersmith

    Nice Staff, great set up, organized, on time!

  • Christy Arnett

    THANK YOU so much for letting Rebel and myself be a part of your inaugural event this last weekend! I have been to a lot of events and your event was so well ran, organized and A LOT OF FUN!!!! I really enjoyed getting to know you and your staff (all are AMAZING) as well as your customers. Everyone was so nice and positive and it was truly a breath of fresh air!!!! I look forward to working with you more in the future!  Congratulations on a VERY successful company and event!

  • Brittany Wright

    The Floyd Central Dazzlers are so exited to attend Stage 8 dance this season! From the judges and staff to the lighting, music, and staging, Cheryl is known for producing the best of the best events. Her competitions are fair, legitimate, safe, organized, and fun. Cheryl is so passionate about our dance community and it absolutely shows at her events. 

  • Dana Evancoe

    For the last several years, Legendary Athletics has proudly attended events with Cheryl Passalacqua. She is one of the greatest event producers that we have had the pleasure of working with! Cheryl has a passion for growing the All Star dance industry, and providing opportunities for young dancers to learn, grow and succeed! Cheryl’s judging panel and staff are kind, helpful, and professional! We are very very excited to attend stage 8 in Orlando this year and for many years to come!

  • Amy Goldberg

    Our studio has been attending events that Cheryl has produced for the past 10 years.  Her events are organized, on- time, and are always a quality production.  She has the dancers and the coaches best interests in mind.  We are so excited to compete in Cincinnati, Columbus and Nashville this year with Stage 8.  

  • Lee Mitchell

    As an All-Star dance coach and studio owner, I've grown to understand the importance of safe, high quality, fair and exciting competition and performance opportunities for our kids.  Cheryl has been creating the most high energy, competitive and exhiliaring productions for 10 years now, and our dancing athletes look forward to her events every season!  Dancers of all ages and levels are made to feel like stars, the production value of stage, lighting, and music quality is second to none, and the fantastic judges produce legitimate and fair results with constructive and enlightening critiques.  We look forward to experiencing Stage 8!

  • Anastasia Miller Burns

    I've had the honor of knowing, working alongside and working for Cheryl Passalacqua for decades as a judge!  It's been a priviledge to witness all she's done for dance growth in the competition circuit.  Her leadersip as an event producer is known and respected throughout the industry.  I'm inspired and excited to see what's next in 2021 with the debut of Stage 8 Dance Competitions!  As a dance and talent judge , you always feel prepared and confident in her event's philosophy, expectations and schedule.  She only hires the best of the best for her dance customers and provides the most memorable experience for every talent that takes the stage.  I'm honored to be part of the upcomng season and look forward to this new and fresh experience!

  • Sheila Trost

    Cheryl runs the most organized, efficient, competitive and fun-filled events that our team has loved attending over the years.  Her attention to the details and her strong commitment to dance has made a huge impact on the success of the events she leads.  She is an innovator who is strong, independent, loyal and hard working.  I have always appreciated her honesty, integrity and desire to make a difference in All - Star dance!

  • Traci Indolf

    I am beyond thrilled to experience Stage 8 with my dancers. I have worked at Cheryl’s events as a judge and attend her events as a coach for many years. She is first class in every way. She works harder than anyone in the industry to give the coaches and dancers the best that there is to offer. Stage 8 is sure to set the new standard in dance events!

  • Dana Parsons

    Cheryl Passalacqua host dance competitions that have been such great experiences for our program! They are organized, professional, exciting, and fun for dancers, coaches, and spectators! Cheryl goes the extra mile to ensure she communicates all you need to know prior to an event, and ensures all of her events run successfully and smoothly. Her events always have amazing master classes, awards, and valuable feedback from a knowledgeable judging staff. We look forward to attending Stage 8 competitions this season and many years to come!!

  • Pam Reich

    Dancin’ Bluebonnets could not be more excited to attend Stage 8 Dance contest in The Woodlands, TX for the first season.  We know the great quality of events put on by Cheryl Passalacqua from many years of competing in events run by her.  They are so organized, efficient, and always fun.  Quality and fairness are what we seek out in a contest and we are looking so forward to this one at a great location!  I see this turning into a Big event in the future!

  • Deanna Schicker

    On time schedules, attention to detail, superior judging, a focus on athlete opportunities and an excellent overall experience are just a few of the things our athletes, coaches and parents have come to expect from Cheryl’s events. Our experiences have been nothing but amazing and we are excited to be attending Stage 8 Dance Competitions this season.

  • Kayla Pittner

    We are beyond thrilled to be able to continue to attend Cheryl’s events with Stage 8! They have always been our favorite, the most well-run, and highly organized events! Our dancers look forward to the quality of Cheryl’s events because she knows what the dancers really love about dance events: an amazing stage, creative awards, and a fun and fair atmosphere. As a program owner, it’s so nice to know that all we have to do is show up; and we will get to experience an incredible event.

  • Lauren Martin

    When competing at any of Cheryl's events, we have come to expect incredible customer service from her and her staff, paired with a top of the line competition.  Her years of experience have made her an expert in the industry at putting out a quality brand and we are excited to see what's in store this season for Stage 8 Dance!