The Stage 8 Dance Battle

The Stage 8 Dance Battle

We are by dancers for dancers!!! The Stage 8 Dance Battle has been created as a fun celebration of dance.  Teams from each chosen program will go head to head, all styles, all team sizes, coed and all girl will battle it out to crown one Battle Champion!  The Stage 8 Dance Battle is a one of a kind event for All Star Dance Programs hosted in Cincinnait, OH December 18th, 2021!

Help us in congratulating the following programs who have accepted the challenge to participate in the December 2021 Inaugural Stage 8 Dance Battle, an event like NEVER before.

Champion Legacy
EPA All Stars
Dollhouse Dance Factory
Foursis Dance Academy
Indiana Invasion
Jordan Johnson Productions
Pittsburg Poison
Premier Athletics - NKY
Star Performance Center
The Vision Dance Center

Introducing Janna Thomas - Dance Connection Brand Director

Introducing Janna Thomas - Dance Connection Brand Director

Janna’s passion for dance began with her training at the age of 2. Since then, she competed with Larkin Dance Studio, trained at Broadway Dance Center in NYC, was a captain of the University of Minnesota Dance Team during their inaugural double National Championship season and proudly represented the United States as a member of the gold medalist Pom and Jazz National Team. 

Beyond her participation as an athlete, she has over 10 years of experience instructing, choreographing and judging domestically and internationally. Janna is a former UDA Head Instructor of College and International camps, as well as a choreographer of camp routines, parade routines for the Macy’s Thanksgivings Day Parade and routines for top award-winning High School and Collegiate programs. She has judged numerous High School, Collegiate and All-Star competitions in the US, National and Continental Championships in other countries and served on the Pom panel for the ICU World Championships. Previously, she was a USASF certified legality official, a judge at many USASF sanctioned events and a member of the USASF National Advisory Board. 

Working as an Assistant Director for the international sports federation of Cheerleading and Performance Cheer (dance), Janna partnered in the development and implementation of judges training, coaches training, rules officials training and certification systems for judges and coaches. She has contributed to the growth of the sport by conducting training in more than 30 countries, that included participants from more than 50 countries.

Janna’s vast background of experience in Studio, School, All-Star and International, in addition to working with athletes, coaches, adjudicators and officials, provides a unique perspective to produce fresh, new opportunities. She looks forward to continuing to connect with the dance community and creating positive, memorable experiences for all.

Benefits of Dance Convention

Benefits of Dance Convention

Come experience the satisfaction, joy and inspiration of a Dance Connection Convention.

Competition is a wonderful thing.  It allows dance teams to work toward a goal, put their finished product on the floor and see how it stacks up against everyone else.  Attending a competition that also provides a convention experience adds a new level of opportunity and growth for your dancer.  The Dance Connection wants to be your partner in the dance education journey, we take pride in each dancer’s personal growth.  We want to help your dancers be comfortable with being uncomfortable!  


Conventions allow dancers to be friends!  Dancers can take their competitive hat off and explore dance classes with other dancers who are going through the same things that they are.  They can positively push each other to grow in class while still having some fun competition with each other.  We strive to create a positive, supportive environment where all dancers are encouraged to embrace originality and appreciate each other’s gifts and talents.


Conventions allow dancers to try out new styles and experience all that dance has to offer.  They may want to experience pom or hip hop, but their team is focuses on lyrical or jazz.  Dancers don’t always feel comfortable with new styles because they aren’t sure they have mastered them.  Our conventions provide a nurturing environment so dancers can feel safe to explore without feeling intimidated. 


Everyone loves their favorite teacher or has that one teacher they just “connect” with, and that is truly wonderful.  Conventions offer great opportunities for dancers to learn from a variety of people with different teaching styles, and different demands and expectations, which will push dancers out of their comfort zone, thus helping them to grow.


Learning new dances in a short period of time can be incredibly rewarding.  In general dance is great exercise and research suggests that exercise can boost self-esteem.  At conventions, dancers have the opportunity to throw themselves into class absorbing everything the teacher has to offer.  Performing newly learned dances in front of peers takes courage, so naturally it builds confidence.  The Dance Connection encourages an environment that expands the dancers’ artistic boundaries through exploration and self-expression.  Conventions are a space to learn, not to perfect!


In general dancing promotes good health.  Learning new combos on the fly can boost brain power, increase creativity and elevate your imagination.  Participating in dance classes with your peers can be great for your mood and stress levels.  Ever heard of the phrase: just dance it out?  Dance is a form of weight bearing exercise and can help to strengthen bones and even hep build new bone mass.  Depending on how much you like to jump up and get down, dance can also enhance your cardiovascular health!


The Dance Connection is proud to offer this unique opportunity and we take our part in the journey very seriously.   We strive to provide a supportive, positive and fun experience.  Our conventions can provide a variety of opportunities, professional resources, and continued support from the industry professionals who assist us throughout our conventions.  We applaud the dancer’s growth and accomplishments every step of the way.  We want to empower the dancers to push past their limits and grow beyond their own expectations on the dance floor and in life.  We want to inspire them to be better tomorrow, than they are today for everyday in life!  The Dance Connection wants to encourage them to have the discipline required to work hard and stay committed to themselves and their goals.  We know that your dancer will have a fantastic experience.