Who is the Legacy Connection?

The Legacy Connection is a team of highly spirited and experienced individuals, who are currently or were previously gym owners, coaches and event producers. The Legacy Connection is comprised of The Legacy Cheer Championships, The Legacy Tour, Stage 8 Dance and uConnect.

Why choose the Legacy Connection?

The Legacy Connection is invested in proving a quality experience at each of their events. We understand that the gyms/industry are the life blood of the industry and the cheerleaders and dancers who attend our events our events are our priority. r

What is the Legacy Connection vision?

The Legacy Connection vision is to enrich the lives of others.

What is the Legacy Connection mission?

The Legacy Connection strives to

• Be a trusted and genuine partner in your success

• Build lasting relationships

• Have fun!


Does Legacy Connection require stay to play?

We do not require stay to play at any of our events. We understand that parents want to have the freedom of choice in where they stay. We do provide a host hotel and housing options should you choose to stay at one of our preferred locations. Click here to book hotels.

Does Legacy Connection require USASF Membership?

If you want to compete in a USASF division, you must be a USASF member. You can compete in a non USASF division, without membership.

Does Legacy Connection require background check for coaches/staff in the warmup room?

Yes. We follow the USASF event guidelines. All coaches must be USASF greenlight members which includes a background check.

Does Legacy Connection have COVID protocols?

The safety of the athletes, families and staff attending our events is our priority. We want to provide a safe, friendly event that you can enjoy. We can achieve this by working together!

Click here for our general COVID event guidelines. There will be additional event specific guidance, that you will receive prior to attending our events.

Does Legacy Connection have prep divisions?

Yes. We offer elite, prep, and novice all star cheer divisions. In addition, we offer dance, recreational cheer, cheer and dance abilities, and school cheer and dance at our events.

Does Legacy Connection have dance divisions?

The Legacy Connection has its own dance specific brand – Stage 8 Dance (insert site link). Stage 8 Dance offers all USASF dance divisions including: solos, duos and Trio performances. Stage 8 Dance will also offer some studio dance divisions such as musical theater and production please inquire for information on these divisions. We will also offer dance divisions at our cheer events.

Does Legacy Connection allow exhibitions?

We will allow exhibition teams at our events. Please email info@legacy-connection.com for further information and discounted pricing.

What is the Legacy Tour and Legacy Cheer Championship event cash prize?

The Legacy Tour and Legacy Cheer Championships is proud to offer cash prizes at our events. Prize amounts will be determined by the number of athletes/teams attending our events.

What is uConnect?

uConnect is our way of giving back to the industry. Through uConnect we are committed to helping you grow, helping the industry grow, and working together as partners for everyone’s overall success.

What is the Legacy Connection refund policy?

The Legacy Connection understands that these are unprecedented times. If you are unable to attend an event please contact info@legacy-connection.com for credit/refund information.