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December 18th, 2021

Cincinnati, OH

  • The Stage 8 Dance Battle

    We are so excited to kick off the Stage 8 Dance season in Cincinnati, OH with the Stage 8 Dance Battle, an event like never before.  Teams from all styles and sizes will compete head to head to determine who will be the Champion.  This is a new event for the All Star Dance industry and we can't wait!

Meet the Programs Who Have Accepted the Challange

  • Dollhouse Dance Factory

    Dollhouse Dance Factory

  • Premier Athletics NKY

    Premier Athletics NKY

  • Star Performance Center

    Star Performance Center

  • J2 Productions

    J2 Productions

  • EPA All Stars

    EPA All Stars

  • Foursis Dance Academy

    Foursis Dance Academy

  • Vision Dance Center

    Vision Dance Center

  • Pittsburgh Poison

    Pittsburgh Poison

  • Indiana Invasion

    Indiana Invasion

  • Champion Legacy

    Champion Legacy